Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do prior to the move-in date?

Activate your tenant portal (link will be emailed) and make sure your security deposit, first months rent, and any additional fees (if applicable) are paid. 10 days prior to your lease start date, you will receive an introductory email titled “Welcome to Southlight!”.

What time is move-in and move-out?

Typically, move-in is at 12pm on the designated lease start date and move-out is by 4pm on the designated lease end date. Please refer to your lease terms.

Can I move in before the day stated on my lease?

No. We can not accommodate moving tenants in before the designated lease start date.

Where do I pick up my keys?

Each front door has a padlock, the code will be provided at 12pm on move-in day. Each tenant will then be given an extra set of keys located in their respective bedrooms.

Do I have to set up the utilities?

No, the utilities are set up by our management team.

How do I see my utility bills?

Upon request, we can forward the utility bills through your tenant portal.

What furniture do I need to bring?

All unfurnished units come with no furniture. Furnished unit packages include: Bedroom - Bed Frame, Desk, Desk Chair, Dresser Living Room - Couch, TV Console, TV Dining Room - Dining Table, Dining Chair Set

What is the size of the bed frame provided?

Bed frames are adjustable between full and queen size.

How/when do I pay rent?

The easiest way to pay rent is online through your tenant portal. We also accept payment via check and money order. Please refer to your lease. Typically rent is due on the 1st of the Month, however, we provide a grace period to the 4th.

What happens if I’m late on rent?

Tenants have until the 4th of the Month to pay their rent. If rent is not received by the 4th, a daily late fee of $25 will be charged up to 10 days. If the tenant fails to pay the balance by the 10th day, an eviction process will begin.

When is the trash/recycling picked up?

Trash pick-up is every Wednesday. Recycle pick-up is every Thursday.

Can I get a pet after moving in? Can I watch a friend's pet for a few days?

Pets are not allowed unless previously approved in writing by our team. This includes keeping a friend's pet at the property temporarily. If we discover a pet at your property you will be given a 14 day "notice to cure". If the pet is not permanently gone from the property within the 14 days, we may elect to begin eviction proceedings.

What if I need to move-out before my lease ends?

Please refer to your lease in the section titled “TENANT ENDING LEASE EARLY”.

What grocery stores are nearby? Are any within walking distance?

The nearest grocery store is CTown Supermarket on 3rd Street (within walking distance). There is also a Wegman’s and a Whole Foods Market located in Allentown.

What restaurants and coffee shops are nearby?

Saxby’s, Starbucks, and Deja Brew are a few of the local coffee shops within walking distance. There are also some excellent local restaurants in the area. Some of our favorites include: Zest, Tapas on Main, Roasted, and NYC Village Pizza.